The Women’s Center Celebrates 25 Years: Ronnie Jo’s Voice

by Lauren Gajda November 6, 2015

As we continue to mark the 25th Year since the opening of The Women’s Center, we hear this week from another of the voices helping us celebrate this anniversary. This voice comes from Ronnie Jo Stringer, ARNP, CNM, a midwife with Gainesville OBGYN. Ronnie Jo is not only someone who provides care to women who deliver their babies at The Women’s Center, she is also a mom who delivered her beautiful baby boy, Ronald, at The Women’s Center about four and a half years ago. When we asked Ronnie Jo the first word that comes to mind when she thinks of The Women’s Center, she said “family.” So it’s no surprise that this is where her family began.

It’s been just over seven years since Ronnie Jo first began working with The Women’s Center. She had just completed graduate school at Georgetown University and couldn’t wait to begin her career in a place that she feels is the best option in town for family-centered care for women.

As a midwife, Ronnie Jo creates special bonds with her patients during their pregnancies. She loves being a part of, what she says, is the most important time in a woman’s life. Ronnie Jo shared different memories with us, but her favorite so far has been being able to deliver the third baby for a special couple and knowing that she was a part of all three of their pregnancies and births.

While that may be her favorite memory as a midwife, her favorite memory of The Women’s Center is of her pregnancy and delivery of her baby boy Ronald here. Her midwife during her pregnancy and delivery was Cyndi Vista, ARNP, CNM, who is still a good friend and colleague of hers to this day.

Ronnie Jo remembers being in a lot of pain on the day she went into labor, but Cyndi was there for her the whole time. It was a long labor, but that’s not what she looks back on. She remembers the faces of the nurses who helped her through labor. She recalls their smiles and their comforting touch. She says words cannot describe how wonderful the care she received was on that day.

When Ronald was born, Ronnie Jo was so thrilled. She says it was incredible to be able to hold him in her arms and know that everything went perfectly – exactly the way she envisioned and hoped it would go. This is what she had been waiting for all these months, and she says it was definitely worth the wait.

Ronnie Jo, husband Chris and son Ronald have so much to be thankful for. Ronald is now four and a half years old and attends preschool. With time going by so quickly, it’s no surprise to her that The Women’s Center is already celebrating 25 years.

During this anniversary year, Ronnie Jo has had the opportunity to look through photos from the past. She loves looking back and seeing all those memories and is excited about the future of The Women’s Center and all it offers to women in our community.

On this 25th Anniversary, Ronnie Jo wants to thank The Women’s Center for welcoming her more than seven years ago and for the guidance, support and amazing memories it has provided so far. She looks forward to continuing to grow and being able to provide women with the birth experiences they desire.

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