Just One Thing: A Warning About Warning Signs

by Pamela Rittenhouse October 16, 2015

In our understandable fervor to make sure no woman on the planet fails to understand the formula for breast cancer screening and early detection, we have stopped talking about something really, really important.

The formula, of course, is following guidelines for Clinical Breast Exams, Self Exams and Screening Mammograms. But guess what? Not all breast cancers are detected by mammograms. Fortunately, that’s not true for most breast cancers, but it’s true for some. That means we need to know the warning signs of breast cancer.

I’ll be honest. I came up with the idea for this topic because I realized that I had no idea what the warnings signs are. Maybe I knew them at one time and just forgot them in the comfort of knowing I follow the above-mentioned formula.

The warning symptoms are not terribly complicated or hard to understand. It won’t take long to read about them, and it’s definitely worth the minutes it will take. You’re already here on the website – just click on the article that starts out with the words, ‘WHOOPS! When did we stop talking about…’

To rephrase, if breast cancer warning signs stared back at you in the mirror, would you recognize them?

Just One Thing to Think About.

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