Her Heart: Lifesaving Facts From Betty


It’s Heart Month.

So, that means it’s time to focus on the #2 killer in our community. We want to start by introducing you to Betty McMahon and thanking her for sharing her encounter with the heart attack that could have killed her.

It didn’t.

There are a lot of reasons for Betty to be sticking around. One of those reasons is an opportunity to tell you what she has learned just in case it might help save your life, too.

Hints of What Was Coming.

Betty is an extremely brilliant woman. There is no doubt of that. She is a Forensic Neuropsychologist with a PhD and extreme respect among her colleagues for her work. That high intelligence didn’t keep her from missing signs her body was giving her months before her heart attack that something might be wrong. And it didn’t help her realize what she was feeling very early one summer morning might be from her heart. Fortunately, she was very smart in one of the decisions she made that morning, a decision that made all the difference in what the rest of her life would be like.

All this month, you’ll hear from those in the group picture with Betty. They are the people who were there when she had her heart attack. And of course, you’ll hear from Betty as she talks straight with you. Straight from Her Heart.