Diabetes Friendly Holiday Recipes

by Taylor Wray November 25, 2014

Diabetes shouldn’t stop you from enjoying holiday celebrations and travel. With eating playing a part in many holiday gatherings, trying to eat the right thing may be stressful for you. Don’t worry, you can manage your diabetes over the holidays with a little preparation. We’re here to share some easy diabetes friendly holiday recipes. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we can’t forget what it’s all about — giving. Feel free to print our recipes out, keep one for yourself and share the other with a friend.

Lemon Carrots Recipe
Vanilla Orange Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Waldorf Salad Recipe
Brownies Recipe

Managing Diabetes: You Can Do It!

by Pamela Rittenhouse November 7, 2014

In this month’s Spotlight Series, we are taking on the Epidemic of Diabetes. To help us make a difference in our community, we got help from a very spunky lady.

Meet Rose

Rose Grimsley is a retired nurse from Chiefland, Florida, who was willing to share how she first ignored warnings from her doctor a year ago but is now doing great at managing her diabetes. Watch the video first, and then we’ll share some additional information that will be helpful to you.

Something Else You Should Know

Great story, right? Really encouraging because, if Rose can be that successful in managing diabetes, others can, too. Here’s some additional information Rose Grimsley would want you to know. She signed up for classes at the Diabetes Center on the campus of North Florida Regional Medical Center. If a retired nurse needed helping in understanding diabetes, there’s a pretty good chance that other patients do, too. If coming to classes isn’t possible for you, it’s important to get education specifically about managing diabetes. Learning and then putting that learning into place is what worked for Rose and can work for others with diabetes.

What Rose learned has helped her totally turn her diabetic numbers around. When she was diagnosed, Rose’s A1C reading was a high and scary 8. Three months later, it’s down to 5.3. Rose credits her classes with helping her make that huge change. Instead of taking medication twice a day, Rose now takes it just once. Her doctor has told her that chances are good she’ll be able to lower her medication even more three months from now.

Thank-You, Winn Dixie!

We want to end this article with really big thanks to Winn-Dixie for allowing Lauren Verno from WCJB-TV20 to shoot video of Rose Grimsley and Linda Armada from the Diabetes Center as they shopped for groceries that will fit Rose’s plan for managing diabetes. The staff at the Winn Dixie in Chiefland, Florida were welcoming and kind. We thank them for inviting us in.

Stay tuned for much more about diabetes this month. More articles are coming, plus a special program to help you cook a delicious holiday dinner without wrecking your blood sugar levels.

Just One Thing: Could You Have Diabetes And Not Know It?

by Pamela Rittenhouse November 7, 2014

Our Women and Wellness Spotlight this month is the Diabetes Epidemic. Here’s this week’s ‘Just One Thing’ for you to consider.

Think we’re exaggerating when we use that word ‘epidemic’ to describe diabetes? Nope. Want proof? Okay.

Diabetes is one of America’s leading killers. It’s the biggest cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic limb amputation and blindness. By last year, there were more than 24 million people in American with diabetes. They range in age from 20 to 79. If the trend does not change, one in three Americans will have it by the year 2050.

And we have plenty of company. Diabetes is not just an American epidemic. It’s global. The portion of the population with diabetes is higher in the United States than in India or China. But the number of people with the disease in India or China is much greater — and expected to increase.

We’re not sure why, but Diabetes seems to be something we aren’t really scared of. It seems pretty easy for us to ignore it and hope it will go away. It won’t. An estimated 7 million Americans are walking around with undiagnosed diabetes. Could you be one of them? Do you have the Symptoms of Diabetes?

Do you know what they are? Just One Thing to think about…